Lubricating Properties of Pentaerythritol Partial-Esters

Toshio Sakurai, Seiichiro Hironaka, Mineo Furuta, Yasuo Watanabe
1976 Bulletin of The Japan Petroleum Institute  
Pentaerythritol partial-esters were synthesized and their physical properties, thermal stabilities, heat of adsorption, and lubricity were investigated. It was found that the hydroxyl groups involved in the partial-esters exerted some important effects on their properties. The partial-esters showed higher viscosities than their respective full-esters due to the association of their molecules. They adsorbed strongly onto metal surfaces to control corrosion of the metals, and to give better boundary lubricity.
doi:10.1627/jpi1959.18.1 fatcat:vx2wlo45j5e4dcopriujrauyiy