Soil Stabilization using Scrap Rubber Tyre

Sanjeev Singh, Umesh Dhiman, Rubel Sharma
International Research Journal of Engineering and Technology (IRJET)   unpublished
Disposal is a big problem links with extremely growing up country like India. The waste rubber tyres is safer disposal has become a biggest challenging job. This thesis work represents the how to safe dispose of the rubber tyres waste to save the environmental and atmosphere of the earth. The dissertation represents how to convert the rubber waste to useful material for construction work in geotechnical engineering and their properties. As we know that India is a growing country and population
more » ... s increase day by day so this factors need to development and construction of building , roads, etc. because they can easily survive. In India the soil have found in different types. Some were the soil have good bearing capacity and poor also. So we have need to improves this poor bearing capacity of soil to provide the strength hardness, Durability of the structure The rubber tyre have some good physical and chemical properties to improve the soil strength , bearing capacity , and effect less costly. Rubber tyres are widely used for stabilization of soil in engineering work. The commonly in general application being in construction of highway , roads and airfield pavements. Where the basic objective is stability of soil and to also decrease the maintenance and construction cost effectively by making aggravate use of locally available materials. Stabilization is a basic fundamentally changing the chemical properties of soft soil by adding stabilizers or binders either in dry or wet situation to developed the stiffness and strength of the originally weak soil.