Networks of Adaptive Oscillators for Partial Tracking and Transcription of Music Recordings

Matija Marolt
2004 Journal of New Music Research  
In this paper, we present a technique for tracking partials in musical signals, based on networks of adaptive oscillators. We show how synchronization of adaptive oscillators can be utilized to detect periodic patterns in outputs of a human auditory model and thus track stable frequency components (partials) in musical signals. The model is further extended to track groups of harmonically related partials by grouping oscillators into networks. We present the integration of the partial tracking
more » ... odel into a system for transcription of polyphonic piano music. The transcription system is based on a connectionist architecture that employs networks of adaptive oscillators for partial tracking and feed forward neural networks for associating partial groups with notes. We provide a short overview of our entire transcription system and present its performance on transcriptions of several synthesized and real piano recordings.
doi:10.1076/jnmr. fatcat:ok44xvu5uzgktouhljkuihza3m