Mapas de Distribución de los Anuros de la provincia de Entre Ríos en base a Colecciones Herpetológicas

Laura Sanchez, Betina Zucchino, Adriana Manzano
ANURANS DISTRIBUTION MAPS OF ENTRE RÍOS PROVINCE ACCORDING TO HER-PETOLOGICAL COLLECTIONS. The goal of this work was built a spatial database by means of a Geographic Information System (GIS) according to herpetological collections. The object was generates automatically known spatial distribution maps of the anurans species in the Entre Ríos province. We consulted 5 herpetological collections, and inspected 3563 specimens belong to 34 anurans species distributed in 7 families: Bufonidae,
more » ... phrydae, Cycloramphydae, Hylidae, Leiuperidae, Leptodactylidae, and Microhylidae. We applied the Address Locator US Cities with State (GDB) from the ARCView 9.1 for the data processing and the building of the SIG. As a result, 33 known distribution maps of anurans species was created. Only one species, Melanophryniscus atroluteus, could not be mapped because of lack of accurate localization reference.