Interactive digital photography at scale

Brian Mark Summa
Interactive editing and manipulation of digital media is a fundamental component in digital content creation. One media in particular, digital imagery, has seen a recent increase in popularity of its large or even massive image formats. Unfortunately, current systems and techniques are rarely concerned with scalability or usability with these large images. Moreover, processing massive (or even large) imagery is assumed to be an off-line, automatic process, although many problems associated with
more » ... these datasets require human intervention for high quality results. This dissertation details how to design interactive image techniques that scale. In particular, massive imagery is typically constructed as a seamless mosaic of many smaller images. The focus of this work is the creation of new technologies to enable user interaction in the formation of these large mosaics. While an interactive system for all stages of the mosaic creation pipeline is a long-term research goal, this dissertation concentrates on the last phase of the mosaic creation pipeline -the composition of registered images into a seamless composite. The work detailed in this dissertation provides the technologies to fully realize interactive editing in mosaic composition on image collections ranging from the very small to massive in scale.
doi:10.26053/0h-cpt7-rmg0 fatcat:c23yfnpypzc7liurygag7xay4a