Constraints on cosmic ray and PeV neutrino production in blazars

B. Theodore Zhang, Zhuo Li
2017 Journal of Cosmology and Astroparticle Physics  
IceCube has detected a cumulative flux of PeV neutrinos, which origin is unknown. Blazars, active galactic nuclei with relativistic jets pointing to us, are long and widely expected to be one of the strong candidates of high energy neutrino sources. The neutrino production depends strongly on the cosmic ray power of blazar jets, which is largely unknown. The recent null results in stacking searches of neutrinos for several blazar samples by IceCube put upper limits on the neutrino fluxes from
more » ... ese blazars. Here we compute the cosmic ray power and PeV neutrino flux of Fermi-LAT blazars, and find that the upper limits for known blazar sources give stringent constraint on the cosmic ray loading factor of blazar jets (i.e., the ratio of the cosmic ray to bolometric radiation luminosity of blazar jets), ξ_ cr(2-10)ζ^-1 (with ζ1 the remained fraction of cosmic ray energy when propagate into the blazar broad line region) for flat cosmic ray spectrum, and that the cumulative PeV neutrino flux contributed by all-sky blazars is a fraction (10-50)% of the IceCube detected flux.
doi:10.1088/1475-7516/2017/03/024 fatcat:zvaiywrbajggvjhklljxgmnjvu