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1960 BMJ (Clinical Research Edition)  
CORRESPONDENCE BTIsulH 1241 MIEDICAL JOURNAL Treatment of Skeletal Tuberculosis SIR,-We have read Mr. M. C. Wilkinson's letter under this heading (August 20, p. 598) with interest. Mr. Wilkinson doubts the possibility of obtaining excellent results in skeletal tuberculosis by prolonged antibiotic therapy alone, and says that necrotic and sequestrated areas cannot recover without surgical intervention. This view seems to have been accepted not only in Britain but surprisingly also in Africa and
more » ... also in Africa and India' 2; it is not borne out by our experience at Ibadan.3 We now have records of 70 patients suffering from cervical and thoracic disease who were treated without any surgery but with drugs given to them whilst wholly ambulant, plus plaster-of-Paris jackets when indicated by cervical disease or marked muscle spasm or weakness. In 62 of these the perispinal abscesses absorbed completely. Of the 8 in whom the shadows remained 5 are not healed but are well, 2 are radiologically healed with abscess shadows remaining, and 1 is healed, the shadow having become smaller. Paraplegia did not develop under treatment. 34 of the patients have been followed up over 18 months. A full account of the work of the Spinal Clinic at University College Hospital, Ibadan, is in preparation. -We are, etc.,
doi:10.1136/bmj.2.5207.1241-b fatcat:mi27q42nvfcynczwp5atoit5ee