Introduction: Walking the World

Dane Munro, Lucinda Carspecken, Ian Mcintosh, Dane Munro, Lucinda Carspecken, Mary, Mcintosh
2017 International Journal of Religious Tourism and Pilgrimage   unpublished
Overview This collection of essays revolves around one of the oldest traditions of the world: pilgrimage. From five continents writers have contributed to the very much alive phenomenon of pilgrimage in a number of contrasting and interdisciplinary aspects, ranging from traditional religious to modern atheist practices. As one of the oldest externalisations of religion, from the mist of times, humans, have walked long distances to sacred caves and landscapes to honour the gods and to regulate
more » ... r relationship with natural and supernatural forces. In the modern context, we still engage in pilgrimages, although the traditional religious aspect may also be replaced by reconciliation, peace, dialogue, social commentary or self-therapy. From five continents, the modern approach to an old practice is brought to you by a perhaps unusual mélange of writers and researchers who are involved in Walking the World.