Fuzzy Gesture Expression Model for an Interactive and Safe Robot Partner

Alexis Stoven-Dubois, Janos Botzheim, Naoyuki Kubota
2016 Online) Taiwan Ubiquitous Information   unpublished
Interaction with a robot partner requires many elements, including not only speech but also embodiment. Thus, gestural and facial expressions are important for communication. Furthermore, understanding human movements is essential for safe and natural interchange. This paper proposes an interactive fuzzy emotional model for the robot partner's gesture expression, following its facial emotional model. First, we describe the physical interaction between the user and its robot partner. Next , we
more » ... artner. Next , we propose a kinematic model for the robot partner based on the Denavit-Hartenberg convention and solve the inverse kinematic transformation through Bacterial Memetic Algorithm. Then, the emotional model along its interactivity with the user is discussed. Finally, we show experimental results of the proposed model. 1. Introduction. Recently, the rate of elderly people is increasing in the population. Elderly people need care giving and interactive communication to be maintained in a good health state. Since the number of caregivers is not enough, other solutions have to be found. Introduction of human-friendly robot partners in the community is one possible solution. Community-centric robots enable communication with humans. The interaction can be verbal, non-verbal, including gestures and facial expressions as well, which are very important for natural communication. For the elderly people to be entertained positively by the communication with the robots, the interaction needs to be natural [1]. As elderly people are also more fragile people getting sooner tired, it is also needed that the robot gives a secure feeling and can become less active according to the user's will.