Optical response for thed-density-wave model

B. Valenzuela, E. J. Nicol, J. P. Carbotte
2005 Physical Review B  
We have calculated the optical conductivity and the Raman response for the d-density wave model, proposed as a possible explanation for the pseudogap seen in high Tc cuprates. The total optical spectral weight remains approximately constant on opening of the pseudogap for fixed temperature. This occurs because there is a transfer of weight from the Drude peak to interband transitions across the pseudogap. The interband peak in the optical conductivity is prominent but becomes progressively
more » ... progressively reduced with increasing temperature, with impurity scattering, which distributes it over a larger energy range, and with ineleastic scattering which can also shift its position, making it difficult to have a direct determination of the value of the pseudogap. Corresponding structure is seen in the optical scattering rate, but not necessarily at the same energies as in the conductivity.
doi:10.1103/physrevb.71.134503 fatcat:i6t567k7r5cl3b762fpcv2c66e