Body architects in Physical Education and Sports. Among files, skills and knowledge (Argentina early twentieth century)

Pablo Ariel Scharagrodsky
2015 Trabajos y Comunicaciones  
The following article discusses the creation of two 'skills' with knowledge, procedures, techniques and specific competence when it comes to educate moving bodies: Physical Education teachers and sports doctors in Argentina during the first half of the twentieth century. Starting from the social history of the body (Turner, 1989; Porter, 2003; Vigarello, 2005), this paper focuses its view on knowledge (anthropometry, biometrics and biotypology) and procedures (physical bulletins and sports
more » ... pological files) used by both 'skills' to identify the ideal types of built corporeality such as the omissions, exclusions and silences that accompanied those body ideals when placing them in their gymnastic, recreational and / or sports 'right place'
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