Mean Platelet volume to platelet and red cell distribution width to platelet ratios in Irritable Bowel Syndrome

Burcin M. Atak, Edip Erkus, Tuba T. Duman, Mehmet Zahid Kocak, Mehmet Ali Kosekli
2018 Experimental Biomedical Research  
A B S T R A C T Aim: Irritable Bowel syndrome (IBS) is a common gastrointestinal disease worldwide with a broad spectrum of symptoms. In present retrospective study, we aimed to compare mean platelet volume to platelet ratio (MPR) and red cell distribution width to platelet ratio (RPR) values of IBS patients to those of healthy subjects. Methods: Patients whom followed up in internal medicine clinic of our institution between 2014 January to 2018 January were enrolled to the study. IBS subjects
more » ... divided into constipation dominant or diarrhea dominant IBS groups. Healthy individuals visited our outpatient clinics for a check-up were enrolled as control group. Results: Median MPR of the constipation IBS, diarrhea IS and control groups were 0,034 (0,02-0,06), 0,034 (0,02-0,06), and 0,028 (0,01-0,05), respectively. The difference between groups was statistically significant (p=0.004). Conclusion: We think that elevated MPR in a patient with typical symptoms of IBS could be helpful in the diagnosis of the disease. Therefore, we suggest automatic calculation of MPR in hemogram assays. Keywords: Irritable bowel syndrome; mean platelet volume to platelet ratio; inflammation; red cell distribution width to platelet ratio.
doi:10.30714/j-ebr.2018237498 fatcat:5hedykgiu5dnvmce2lwc6bciky