A Case Study of Green Ambience through Green Cloud Computing

Rethina Kumar, Jeong-Jin Kang
2012 International journal of advanced smart convergence  
Green cloud computing refers to the green ambient benefits that information technology services delivered over the Internet can offer for the society. The green meaning environment friendly and cloud computing is a traditional symbol for the Internet and a type of service provider. Cloud computing has drastically increased the number of datacenters and the energy consumption of data centers and that has become a critical issue which is extremely important in green ambience. These days the cloud
more » ... hese days the cloud data center needs high energy resources that leads to high operational cost and also maximizes CO2 -carbon footprint that pollutes the ambience which is not to be considered as green ambience. So we need to provide a way that leads us to green ambience. Cloud computing for the green ambience should be designed in a way which will utilize less energy resources and to minimize the CO2 -carbon footprint, known as green cloud .In this paper we discuss various elements of Clouds which contributes to minimize the total energy consumption and the carbon emission so as to enable green ambience through green cloud computing .
doi:10.7236/jasc2012.1.2.11 fatcat:el5idekhszeyvmmcbvhaxm7u74