Local theory of the slanted homoclinic snaking bifurcation diagram

U. Bortolozzo, M. G. Clerc, S. Residori
2008 Physical Review E  
Localized states in out of equilibrium one-dimensional systems are described by the homoclinic snaking associated with the infinite sequence of multibump localized solutions of the corresponding time reversible dynamical system. We show that when the pattern undergoes a saddle-node bifurcation the homoclinic snaking bifurcation diagram becomes slanted and a finite set of localized states continue to exist outside the region of bistability. This generic behavior offers a local theory resolution of the discrepancy between models and experiments.
doi:10.1103/physreve.78.036214 pmid:18851128 fatcat:fjnzhaf2c5h37i4voffp2an3wm