2DBlack hole and holographic renormalization group

Satabhisa Dasgupta, Tathagata Dasgupta
2008 Journal of High Energy Physics  
In hep-th/0311177, the Large $N$ renormalization group (RG) flows of a modified matrix quantum mechanics on a circle, capable of capturing effects of nonsingets, were shown to have fixed points with negative specific heat. The corresponding rescaling equation of the compactified matter field with respect to the RG scale, identified with the Liouville direction, is used to extract the two dimensional Euclidean black hole metric at the new type of fixed points. Interpreting the large $N$ RG flows
more » ... large $N$ RG flows as flow velocities in holographic RG in two dimensions, the flow equation of the matter field around the black hole fixed point is shown to be of the same form as the radial evolution equation of the appropriate bulk scalar coupled to 2D black hole.
doi:10.1088/1126-6708/2008/02/107 fatcat:ttxhqtckmrew7knk4gwfemlfeu