Assessment of Biohostability of Clear Plastic and Metal Wire Retainers Used In Orthodontic Patients-An in Vitro Study

sowbaraniya S. M
2020 Bioscience Biotechnology Research Communications  
To assess the biohostability of clear plastic and metal wire retainers used in orthodontic treatment which is done in vitro method. In this study, 2 groups of retainers were tested. Group 1 is Clear plastic retainers and group 2 is metal retainers. In each group 5 retainers, pieces were taken and the test is done along with controls. Metal wire retainers and clear plastic retainers are sterilized in an autoclave. In a conical flask 50ml of artificial saliva is taken and 1g of glucose was added
more » ... glucose was added and it is sterilized. To this 100 µl of S.mutans suspension was added. The sterilized artificial saliva with S. mutants was added to 2 test tubes. The retainers are taken in separate test tubes in which it contains 5 clear plastic retainers with 1ml of artificial saliva in each and another test tube contains 5 metal wire retainers with 1ml of artificial saliva and it is incubated for 24 hours. After 24 hours the retainers were rinsed with sterile normal saline and each retainer is placed separately in a sterilized cuvette containing 0.5ml of sterile saline. The cuvette is agitated turncoat the bacteria attached to it. Then a standard quantity was pipetted out onto a solid culture media and incubated at 37°C. After the incubation, the plates were checked for their growth. Then the total colony-forming units were enumerated and the values were tabulated. It was observed that biohostability of clear plastic is comparatively less and the mean value graph obtained based on the bacterial growth is comparatively less in clear plastic whereas in metal wire retainers it's five times more than that of clear plastic. This was in the ratio of 1:5 ratio. Clear plastic has only the mean value of range 123.8 whereas the metal wire retainer has the mean value of range 669 which is five times more than that of clear plastic retainer. In this study, we can conclude that clear plastic retainer is comparatively less prone to bacterial colonization, whereas the metal wire retainer was more prone to bacteria colonization and the biohostability is high. As found in this study, the usage of clear plastic will help in maintaining better oral hygiene and for better aesthetics. Dental Communication 1sowbaraniya et al.,
doi:10.21786/bbrc/13.8/153 fatcat:z7wrxgn2xrdnxits2n5nhsmcni