Diversity of milk traits in 25 goat breeds

Ferdy Saputra, Anneke Anggraeni, E. Widodo, A. Jayanegara, Suyadi, V.M.A. Nurgiartiningsih, G. Ciptadi, M.H. Natsir, S. Wahjuningsih, O. Sjofjan, Marjuki
2022 E3S Web of Conferences  
Goats are livestock that is mostly raised by small farmers in Indonesia because they are easier to raise. Apart from having the potential to become meat, several breeds of which are kept as milk-purpose. Milk traits of each breed differ from one another. Therefore, this study tried to observe genetic differences of 25 goat breeds with statistical approach. Information about milk traits from 25 goat breeds is obtained from published journal. Multidimensional preference analysis and average
more » ... e cluster analysis were performed using SAS 9.4 to determine the differences in goat breeds from three traits, namely milk yield, fat content, and protein content. Multidimensional preference analysis was able to see the advantages of breeds from the three observed traits. Goat breeds with superior milk yields are Saanen, Camosciata delle Alpi, and Charmoisée. Sarda Primitiva, Sarda, Etawah Grade have high fat content in milk. In addition, Arsi-Bale and Somali have high protein content. Average linkage cluster analysis is able to observe the genetic relationship of goat breeds based on three traits. According to average linkage cluster analysis, we found four clusters for goat breeds in this study. With existing statistical approaches, we can evaluate genetic diversity in milk traits.
doi:10.1051/e3sconf/202233500009 fatcat:fxkrrdpy7feepgtt3dqizseb5e