2020 International Journal of Biology Pharmacy and Allied Sciences  
Cancer has become one of the predominant causes of elevated death rate globally. In spite of exhaustive research in devising new therapeutic approaches for treating cancer, regrettably the discomfort and the difficulties still persists. The unfocused action of anticancer drugs and the drug resistance developed by the cancer cells, prevail as the two most vital drawbacks of the current therapy. For this reason there is a frantic need for the optional targeted therapeutic approaches. Presently
more » ... Antimicrobial Peptides have come under the lime lights as anticancer agents. In our present study we collected antimicrobial peptides from various repositories. As the length of the peptide decides its anticancer property, we then selected 40 antimicrobial peptides with 5-30 amino acid residues. Those peptides were then thoroughly studied for their physico-chemical properties, following which 15 peptides with greater positive charge were selected. Further the 15 peptides were analysed for their amino acid composition and finally for our further studies we chose 6 best peptides namely NSAAACP001, NSAAACP002, NSAAACP003, NSAAACP004, NSAAACP005 and NSAAACP006. AntiCP and ToxinPred web portals were then made use of to confirm the anticancer property and toxic activity of the selected 6 peptides respectively and all the peptides were observed to be anti-cancerous and non-toxic in nature.
doi:10.31032/ijbpas/2020/9.12.5581 fatcat:mpyqqrdmpnexxnwf6cf5o7x464