Towards Analysis-friendly Face Representation with Scalable Feature and Texture Compression [article]

Shurun Wang, Shiqi Wang, Wenhan Yang, Xinfeng Zhang, Shanshe Wang, Siwei Ma, Wen Gao
2020 arXiv   pre-print
It plays a fundamental role to compactly represent the visual information towards the optimization of the ultimate utility in myriad visual data centered applications. With numerous approaches proposed to efficiently compress the texture and visual features serving human visual perception and machine intelligence respectively, much less work has been dedicated to studying the interactions between them. Here we investigate the integration of feature and texture compression, and show that a
more » ... sal and collaborative visual information representation can be achieved in a hierarchical way. In particular, we study the feature and texture compression in a scalable coding framework, where the base layer serves as the deep learning feature and enhancement layer targets to perfectly reconstruct the texture. Based on the strong generative capability of deep neural networks, the gap between the base feature layer and enhancement layer is further filled with the feature level texture reconstruction, aiming to further construct texture representation from feature. As such, the residuals between the original and reconstructed texture could be further conveyed in the enhancement layer. To improve the efficiency of the proposed framework, the base layer neural network is trained in a multi-task manner such that the learned features enjoy both high quality reconstruction and high accuracy analysis. We further demonstrate the framework and optimization strategies in face image compression, and promising coding performance has been achieved in terms of both rate-fidelity and rate-accuracy.
arXiv:2004.10043v1 fatcat:ijgozsonkjbtjd6q6cjgxuugc4