Discussion to papers of K. Steinbrück, B. A. Green, J. Kiwerski, V. G. Gaspar, E. L. Griffiths, H. L. Frankel, Girard, Ohry and Melamed

H D Lang, W Dürr, J Hoffmann, R Koeth
1980 Spinal Cord  
SIR GEORGE BEDBROOK, Chairman DR MAURY (France) (translated by DR DOLLFUS). The first point is that it is not necessary for the diver's head to touch the bottom of a lake. Three out of 20 cases we got actually were hit by a wave. He quotes the work of Schneider in Acapulco who had made X-rays of 5 divers and found fractures of the cervical spine. The second point he would like to make is that wounds of the face are extremely rare in diving accidents and only 2 out of 20 patients had such
more » ... The third point is that it is extremely difficult to reconstruct the mechanism of the injury. We see from X-rays afterwards that there is hyperflexion or hyperextension fractures but we are never sure and even in tear-drop fractures we are never sure of the proper mechanism of the bony lesion. The last point concerns the sensibility. In 6 or 7 cases out of 20 there was dissociated sensory disturbance of syringo-myelic type and some of them are due to disc protrusion, the others were due to a lesion of the anterior spinal artery or also probably due to lesion of the vertebral artery.
doi:10.1038/sc.1980.22 fatcat:iyl7gzlpxzeqfd6b6cerlaexam