Fehlertolerante Sicherheitsmechanismen für Aggregation in Fahrzeug-Fahrzeug-Netzen

Stefan Dietzel, Universität Ulm
Inter-vehicular networking, so-called VANET, is an active research topic. Possible applications include safety, driving-efficiency, and entertainment applications. Especially due to the safety relevance of applications, communication integrity needs to be protected. Usually this is done using cryptographic signatures on single outgoing messages. However, as bandwidth for VANET applications is very limited, often single messages cannot be used to disseminate information over larger areas,
more » ... lly not if they are carrying cryptographic signatures. For many applications, however, it is not necessary to disseminate exact information. For a traffic information application, for instance, messages can be aggregated to contain average information about larger areas. Such aggregation poses a problem to the aforementioned integrity mechanisms. When all vehicles participate as equal peers of the aggregation process, attackers can easily generate false information about larger areas without being noticed. This is true even if signatures on the resulting aggregates are used. It is the goal of this Diplom thesis to discuss security mechanisms that can be applied even when using in-network data aggregation.
doi:10.18725/oparu-1723 fatcat:krtxp2hrrnebhhgqww73cvm2c4