Coastal Sea Surface Topography from Altimetry, Gravity, and Tide Gauge Data (COSSTAGT) Work Packages

Wolfgang Bosch, Luciana Fenoglio-Marc, Guy Wöppelmann, Gunter Liebsch
Objectives The absolute sea surface topography (SSTop) and its low frequency variation shall be estimated at selected coastal areas through combination of multi-mission satellite altimetry, tide gauge registrations, terrestrial and marine gravity as well as new satellite-only gravity field models in order to provide information on the absolute velocity field and to allow the unification of national height systems. The poster presents first results. Rationales Comparison of sea level time series
more » ... from tide gauges and satellite altimetry is of great impact for • investigations on sea level rise, • the long-term stability of altimeter systems, and • the unification of national height systems.