Memorial to Sir William Banks: Proposed Lectureship in Liverpool University

1904 BMJ (Clinical Research Edition)  
A MEMORIAL TO SIR WILLIAM BNKS. rO. 10 1904. Tucker, commanding in Scotland, put the dogs through very severe tests, and as a result recommended their adoption, but the War Office has made no move. Major Rich?rkIson has been trying to arouse the sympathy and interest of thel VWar Office for the past seven years, but he need not be discouraged -seven years counts as but one day in a conservative country like ours; if once, however, Great Britain is brought to feel quite sure that ambulance dogs
more » ... hat ambulance dogs do good work on the battlefield, every other dog in the country will be trained and equipped for the fray. We are slow to move, but we never do things by halves.
doi:10.1136/bmj.2.2293.1590 fatcat:u4hj4getnra2td7iq46elwvwii