Petri nets based on Lawvere theories

Jade Master
2020 Mathematical Structures in Computer Science  
We give a definition of Q-net, a generalization of Petri nets based on a Lawvere theory Q, for which many existing variants of Petri nets are a special case. This definition is functorial with respect to change in Lawvere theory, and we exploit this to explore the relationships between different kinds of Q-nets. To justify our definition of Q-net, we construct a family of adjunctions for each Lawvere theory explicating the way in which Q-nets present free models of Q in Cat. This gives a
more » ... ial description of the operational semantics for an arbitrary category of Q-nets. We show how this can be used to construct the semantics for Petri nets, pre-nets, integer nets, and elementary net systems.
doi:10.1017/s0960129520000262 fatcat:su6g6cffgnejjpyyfl6t4f7pp4