Physical Properties of Nano-HAs/ZrO2 Coating on Surface of Titanium Materials Used in Dental-implants and its Biological Compatibility

Xiao-feng Pang
2017 Journal of Nanotechnology and Materials Science  
A gradient composite coating on the surface of titanium materials, which are used in dental implants, is prepared using an electric-chemical method. The physical properties of the composite coating and its strength of combining with titanium material are studied by the scanning electron microscope, energy dispersive spectrum and X-ray diffraction analysis, etc. The results show that the complex of nanohydroxyapatite/ZrO 2 is uniformly deposited and distributed on the surface of titanium
more » ... s; its strength of combining with titanium surface can reach 16.3 MPa, which is obtained using the tensile test. The immersion experiment shows that the new matter of carbonate-apatite is occurred and distributed uniformly on the surface of composite coating of nanohydroxyapatite/ZrO 2 . The cell experiment of cultivate exhibits that the osteoblasts MG-63 can be grown well on the surface of the composite coating. These results indicate that the nanohydroxyapatite/ ZrO 2 composite coating on the surface of titanium materials has a good biological activity and compatibility, which could be used in the dental-implants.
doi:10.15436/2377-1372.17.1520 fatcat:bfj3b2pf2rcn7a57g5lqwy5sba