Rapid Detection of the Chlamydiaceae and Other Families in the Order Chlamydiales: Three PCR Tests

Karin D. E. Everett, Linda J. Hornung, Arthur A. Andersen
1999 Journal of Clinical Microbiology  
Few identification methods will rapidly or specifically detect all bacteria in the order Chlamydiales, familyChlamydiaceae. In this study, three PCR tests based on sequence data from over 48 chlamydial strains were developed for identification of these bacteria. Two tests exclusively recognized theChlamydiaceae: a multiplex test targeting theompA gene and the rRNA intergenic spacer and a TaqMan test targeting the 23S ribosomal DNA. The multiplex test was able to detect as few as 200
more » ... as 200 inclusion-forming units (IFU), while the TaqMan test could detect 2 IFU. The amplicons produced in these tests ranged from 132 to 320 bp in length. The third test, targeting the 23S rRNA gene, produced a 600-bp amplicon from strains belonging to several families in the order Chlamydiales. Direct sequence analysis of this amplicon has facilitated the identification of new chlamydial strains. These three tests permit ready identification of chlamydiae for diagnostic and epidemiologic study. The specificity of these tests indicates that they might also be used to identify chlamydiae without culture or isolation.
doi:10.1128/jcm.37.3.575-580.1999 fatcat:sh7r2n7s6jfc3ohisyqsluapuy