Nikias Stavroulakis (1921-2009). In Memoriam

Roussos I. M.
2010 Progress in Physics  
This paper was written by Dr. Ioannis M. Roussos, Professor of Mathematics, Ham- line University at Saint Paul, Minnesota, in honor and memoriam of the late Dr. Nikias Stavroulakis, Professor of Mathematical Physics. The included information is partic- ularly based on the publications of the late professor, and was particularly collected through the various types of communication (personal visits with lengthy and exten- sive discussions, professional meetings, letters, telephone-calls, words of
more » ... relatives and friends, etc.) Dr. Roussos had with and about him in the last 14 years. Dr. Roussos first met Dr. Stavroulakis in the 3rd Panhellenic Congress of Geometry, University of Athens, Greece, May 1996, and they became friends ever since.
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