Access Policy Consolidation for Event Processing Systems

K Sainath, M Sudent, R Anitha, Jagadeeswara Rao, Annam
2014 unpublished
Event processing is an approach that can capture and process the data about the events. Complex event processing is the merging the information from multiple origins. Event processing systems has a procedure that continuous event streams will be further applied operations of event streams. In distributed-applications like a large warehouse (where items can be shipped) when we are processing the events. This will be transmitting in between many security authorities. Using the access-policy every
more » ... access-policy every incoming event can be secured. We can increase the processing of events by calculating the measure of obfuscation values for events. Calculate the threshold for obfuscation as one of the part of access-policy and avoid the accessrequirements and events will be delivered more reliable. In this way we can deliver the more events.We also perform some experiments to assess engines scalability with respect to number of queries and propose ways for evaluating their ability in adapting to changes in load conditions. Lastly, we show that similar queries have widely different performances on the same or different engines and that no engine dominates the other two in all scenarios.