Non-surgical treatment of periapical lesion using calcium hydroxide-A case report

Dwijendra, Deoyani Doifode, Devendra Nagpal, Nupur Ninawe
This article presents non-surgical resolution of an extensive periapical lesion because of trauma to maxillary right central incisor. Clinical examination revealed intraoral swelling in relation to maxillary right central incisor and radiographically, radiolucency was seen with both maxillary right central and lateral incisor about 7mm in diameter. Pus was drained through the canal orifice. After thorough biomechanical preparation, an intra-canal calcium hydroxide dressing was applied and
more » ... ically reviewed for 9 months. Significant bone formation was seen at the periapical region at periodic check up visits. Complete radiologic healing of the periapical lesion was observed one year after root canal filling. Thus the non surgical healing of the multiple periapical lesions provided favorable clinical and radiographic response.