Serratene Triterpenoids from Palhinhaea cernua var. sikkimensis

Jian Yan, Lirong Sun, Xianming Zhang, Zhongrong Li, Lin Zhou, Minghua Qiu
2009 Chemical and pharmaceutical bulletin  
Seven new serratene triterpenoids, 3a a,21b b,29-trihydroxy-16-oxoserrat-14-en-24-oic acid (1), 3b b,21b b,29-trihydroxy-16-oxoserrat-14-en-24-oic acid (2), 3b b,21b b,29-trihydroxyserrat-14-en-24-oic acid 3b b-(4-hydroxybenzoate) (3), 3b b,21b b,29-trihydroxyserrat-14-en-24-oic acid 3b b-(4-hydroxy-3-methoxybenzoate) (4), 3b b,14a a,15a a,-21b b,29-pentahydroxyserrat-14-en-24-oic acid 3b b-(4-hydroxybenzoate) (5), 3a a,21b b,24,29-tetrahydroxyserrat-14en-16-one (6), 3a a,21b
more » ... at-14-en-16-one (7) were isolated from Palhinhaea cernua var. sikkimensis, together with twelve known compounds (8-19). Their chemical structures were elucidated on the basis of spectroscopic evidence and comparison with literature values.
doi:10.1248/cpb.57.1381 pmid:19952448 fatcat:ug5qqi2pxncwbpv2wqr6n4txmy