Transfer effects of mathematical literacy: an integrative longitudinal study

Mathias Holenstein, Georg Bruckmaier, Alexander Grob
2020 European Journal of Psychology of Education  
Mathematical literacy (ML) is considered central to the application of mathematical knowledge in everyday life and thus is found in many comparative international educational standards. However, there exists barely any evidence about predictors and outcomes of ML having a lasting effect on achievement in nonmathematical domains. We drew on a large longitudinal sample of N = 4001 secondary school students in Grades 5 to 9 and tested for effects of ML on later academic achievement. We took prior
more » ... ent. We took prior achievement in different domains (information and communication technology literacy, scientific literacy, reading comprehension, and listening comprehension), socioeconomic status, and gender into account and investigated predictive effects of math grade, mathematical self-concept, reasoning, and prior achievement on ML. Using structural equation models, we found support for the importance of integrating multiple predictors and revealed a transfer effect of ML on achievement in different school domains. The findings highlight the importance of ML for school curricula and lasting educational decisions.
doi:10.1007/s10212-020-00491-4 fatcat:nowvrva2cbgcdc2diujizsbv7u