Digital Physical Cells Morphology and Tensional Interactive Substance Appearance in Pigmentary Epithelium and Cones and Rods External Segment

Jorge Oscar Zarate
2018 Madridge Journal of Ophthalmology  
This study refers to what was found as a consequence of processing an image of retinal OCT, and especially with reference to the pigmentary epithelium, through sequencing, desconvolution and filtering of images of the pigment epithelium, adding the adhesion mechanisms and intercelular tension spaces. (Tensioactive intercellular phase). The morphometric analysis through pixelography, pixelometry and pixelo arquitectura demonstrates in 2D the physical construction of the cells and their
more » ... ar spaces, absolutely original images that are related to similar ones observed in other recent communications that we have made. With deconvolution, we perform a method operation to restore signals and degraded data by the physical processes of the tomograph, correcting the focuses and noise by diffraction and photons. The tissue in the study area was cut into small parts of more than 4 to 6 cells, taking independent images and adding the results, achieving it erativea lgorithms such as máximum like hood estimation in microscopy (Guedel).
doi:10.18689/mjop-1000113 fatcat:yt4cxoaowjbszg66hel2jw2sr4