How the spheroidal deformation changes the spectra of fullerenes

M Pudlak, R Pincak, V A Osipov
2008 Journal of Physics, Conference Series  
The spheroidal geometry of a slightly elliptically deformed sphere was used as a possible approach to fullerenes. We are interested in the elliptically deformed fullerenes like big C 240 molecule. The low-lying electronic levels are described by the Dirac equation in (2+1) dimensions. We show how a small deformation of spherical geometry evokes a shift of the electronic spectra compared to the sphere. The effect of a weak uniform magnetic field on the electronic structure of slightly deformed
more » ... llerene molecules was also studied. We found that behavior of the electronic spectra if the magnetic field is pointed in the x direction differs markedly from the case of the magnetic field pointed in the z direction, where z is chosen to be the symmetry axis of the fullerene. We briefly report also the C60-C240 fullerene onion.
doi:10.1088/1742-6596/129/1/012009 fatcat:zaqwgr6jd5bhvnk6moqentjvbm