Establishing pertinence between Sorting Algorithms prevailing in n log (n) time [post]

Manan Roy Choudhury, Anurag Dutta
2022 unpublished
Data is the new fuel. With the expansion of global technology, the increasing living standards, and modernization, data values have caught a great height. Nowadays, nearly all top MNCs feed on data. Now, storing all this data is a prime concern for all of them, which is relieved by the Data Structures, the systematic way of storing data. Now, once these data are stored and charged in secure vaults, it's time to utilize them most efficiently. Now, many operations need to be performed on these
more » ... sive chunks of data, like searching, sorting, inserting, deleting, merging, and so more. In this paper, we would be comparing all the major sorting algorithms, that have prevailed to date. Further, work has been done and inequality in the dimension of time between the three Sorting algorithms, operational in \(n{log}\left(n\right)\) time, Merge, Quick, and Heap, that have been discussed in the paper have been proposed.
doi:10.21203/ fatcat:fv5i3ed3j5dcjkuu3ddi5jgh6q