Single-Electron Charging Phenomena in Nano/Polycrystalline Silicon Point Contact Transistors

Hiroshi Mizuta, Yoshikazu Furuta, Toshio Kamiya, Yong-Tsong Tan, Zahid A.K. Durrani, K. Nakazato, Haroon Ahmed
2003 Solid State Phenomena  
This paper gives a review of our recent work investigating the physics of single-electron charging phenomena in nano/polycrystalline silicon nanostructures. We first provide a short overview on the research of silicon-based single-electron devices from the last decade. Various single-electron transistor structures are compared in terms of control of electron islands and tunnel barriers. We then study the single-electron charging phenomena in nano/polycrystalline silicon nanostructures. A novel
more » ... tructures. A novel point-contact transistor is introduced, which features an extremely short and narrow nano/poly-Si nanowire as the transistor's channel. This structure is suitable for studying how a grain smaller than 10 nm in size and a discrete grain boundary work as a charging island and a tunnel barrier, respectively. The relationships between structural and electrical parameters of grains/grain-boundaries and the resulting Coulomb blockade characteristics for the point contact transistors are investigated by applying various passivation processes. Finally, optimisation of grain and grain-boundary structures is discussed for improving the Coulomb blockade characteristics and realizing nano/poly-Si single-electron transistors operating at room temperature.
doi:10.4028/ fatcat:nnftzjxhaveonjiinhbiv6eliu