Creating Space for Subjectivity: Wandering Discourses of Female/Teacher

Donna K. Phillips, J. Camille Cammack
In this paper, we draw from a cluster of stories to illustrate the need for new spaces in teacher education where preservice teachers can "speak the unspeakable" in order to open up possibilities in their teacher identities. We want to demonstrate how discourses surrounding what it means to be a teacher restrict preservice teachers' abilities to problem-solve and respond critically to important educational issues. We want to show how discourses silence students to a dangerous politeness where
more » ... sues of importance are denied discussion. The stories told here lead us to theorize a need for a space where preservice teachers can "speak the unspeakable," and, through this, identify and deconstruct public discourses defining what it means to be "female" and "teacher." Ultimately, we believe that such discussions are imperative if preservice teachers are to be prepared to work with sensitive issues such as gender, race, and class.
doi:10.21423/awlj-v14.a175 fatcat:br2pqjsitvcg7aovhvhpvnrviy