Secure and Practical Group Nearest Neighbor Query for Location-Based Services in Cloud Computing

Jingjing Guo, Jiacong Sun, AnMin Fu
2021 Security and Communication Networks  
Group nearest neighbor (GNN) query enables a group of location-based service (LBS) users to retrieve a point from point of interests (POIs) with the minimum aggregate distance to them. For resource constraints and privacy concerns, LBS provider outsources the encrypted POIs to a powerful cloud server. The encryption-and-outsourcing mechanism brings a challenge for the data utilization. However, as previous work from k − anonymity technique leaks all contents of POIs and returns an answer set
more » ... h redundant communication cost, the LBS system cannot work properly with those privacy-preserving schemes. In this paper, we illustrate a secure group nearest neighbor query scheme, which is referred to as SecGNN. It supports the GNN query with n n ≥ 3 LBS users and assures the data privacy and query privacy. Since SecGNN only achieves linear search complexity, an efficiency enhanced scheme (named Sec GNN + ) is introduced by taking advantage of the KD-tree data structure. Specifically, we convert the GNN problem to the nearest neighbor problem for their centroid, which can be computed by anonymous veto network and Burmester–Desmedt conference key agreement protocols. Furthermore, the Sec GNN + scheme is introduced from the KD-tree data structure and a designed tool, which supports the computation of inner products over ciphertexts. Finally, we run experiments on a real-database and a random database to evaluate the performance of our SecGNN and Sec GNN + schemes. The experimental results show the high efficiency of our proposed schemes.
doi:10.1155/2021/5686506 fatcat:535shhk6avcwldqa3b7b7rkbmy