Analysis of Air-Gap Field Modulation and Magnetic Gearing Effect in Fractional-Slot Concentrated-Winding Permanent-Magnet Synchronous Machines

Z. Q. Zhu, Yue Liu
2018 IEEE transactions on industrial electronics (1982. Print)  
In this paper, the torque production of fractional slot concentrated winding (FSCW) permanent magnet synchronous machines (PMSM) are analyzed from the perspective of the air-gap field harmonics modulation accounting for slotting effect. It is found that the average torque of FSCW PMSM is produced by both the principle of conventional PMSM and the magnetic gearing effect. A finite element analysis (FEA)-based equivalent current sheet model and harmonic restoration method is firstly used in FSCW
more » ... rstly used in FSCW PM machines with different slot-pole number combinations to quantify the respective contribution of the conventional PMSM and the magnetic gearing effect to the average torque. The influence of slot opening on the magnetic gearing effect, cogging torque and torque ripple is analyzed. The results show that the magnetic gearing effect makes a non-ignorable contribution to the average torque when a large slot opening stator is used. The expression of the gear ratio in FSCW PMSMs is derived. The influence of gear ratio on the contribution of the magnetic gearing effect to the total torque is investigated by FEA. The FEA predicted torques are validated by experiments on the prototypes.
doi:10.1109/tie.2017.2758747 fatcat:2537m22r2bg7jmxd4gaxa2pdpi