Korelasi Zone-Of-Tolerance Pada Service Quality Terhadap Customer Value Di PMK (Pemadam Kebakaran) Surabaya

Diah Dharmayanti, Zeplin Jiwa Husada Tarigan
2010 Jurnal Manajemen dan Wirausaha  
The particular service delivered by Fire Brigade in Surabaya is one of the services factory which represents a low intensity of employee and low customer interaction/customization that leads to an obligation of delivering good service quality from service providers to their customers. In delivering the services, every service providers should aimed their ultimate goal at satisfying their customers, even if there are significant differences between what they expect and the actual service
more » ... ual service performance, called the Zone-of-Tolerance (ZOT). In the case of services delivered by the Fire Brigade to its customers in Surabaya, the ZOT can be measured in several dimensions including the tangible, responsiveness, reliability, accessibility, knowledge to customer's values which has significant impact to their satisfaction. Two hundred respondents were selected using judgmental sampling resulting in 138 responses screened down to 105 valid data (rate of 52.5%). The relationship between expectation and actual service performance is calculated using the method of Partial Least Square (PLS), while the differences is tested using the method of Two Independent Sample. All measurements were conducted using the combination of SPPS ver. 16 and the support of Smart PLS Software. Results of the test conclusively reporting that ZOT dimensions such as tangible (in the form of physical facility of fire extinguisher products that required to be updated) and knowledge (in the form of excellent expertise of fire brigade employees) are delivering values to the society in Surabaya. Unfortunately, the other dimensions such as responsiveness, accessibility, and reliability have failed in giving such values. The concept of ZOT that supported the customer value has significantly creating satisfaction among the society given that the actual service performance that needed to be improved. However, the significant differences between expectation and actual service performance were fairly large given that there should be a massive improvement to the fu [...]
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