Data Warehousing and Control & Guidance Command Verification of Post Trial Data by Multi-User through a Common GUI

S Priyanka, M Tech, S Jhansi, Rani
The proposed idea is to provide a common platform GUI to the users who are dispersed to verify and analyze Dynamic Trial data of various Underwater Vehicle Projects through a secure protocol. This project deals with different levels of data storage and retrieval where huge amount of Dynamic Trial Data will be maintained at different data repositories. The main objective is to provide an effective GUI wherein a user can retrieve data very easily. This goal can be achieved by connecting IDE
more » ... onnecting IDE framework to database using an appropriate Database connectivity tool. This system will include display of various Control System parameters during Pre-launch, Stabilization, Straight Run (ISR) and Circular Search phase by incorporating Event based logic. It should facilitate navigation through separate Windows for phase-wise analysis and verify the actual generated Control Commands during trial against computed control commands. Provision for Guidance Command verification will also be incorporated. The overall architecture of this system starts with user logging into the network and the user is being authenticated for the one's chosen Project. So, intrusion into the system is not possible as the intruders cannot access the data. This ensures data security. Accessing data through the GUI over different platforms, valid user must be able to interact and query for the required data. The Project Coordinator for each Project is allowed to update the data in the database.