(Sixth) Award of the DONOHOE Comet-Medal (to E. E. BARNARD)

1891 Publications of the Astronomical Society of the Pacific  
out an important circumstance. The originating belt seems to be somewhat nearer the poles than in the other coronas. If this shows that the belt moves up and down on the sun through a few degrees, we should remember that the extremities of the streamers, in consequence of the peculiar formation of the curves, will rise and fall to a greater extent, and the resultant parallels of the sun-spots will be modified in a similar manner. This accounts so well for the observed -Edward S. Holden, J. M.
more » ... S. Holden, J. M. SCHAEBERLE, Charles Burckhalter.
doi:10.1086/120290 fatcat:miafas4pkbeojozziu6fqyngfq