Static properties and current-induced dynamics of pinned 90∘ magnetic domain walls under applied fields: An analytic approach

Pavel Baláž, Sampo J. Hämäläinen, Sebastiaan van Dijken
2018 Physical review B  
Magnetic domain walls are pinned strongly by abrupt changes in magnetic anisotropy. When driven into oscillation by a spin-polarized current, locally pinned domain walls can be exploited as tunable sources of short-wavelength spin waves. Here, we develop an analytical framework and discrete Heisenberg model to describe the static and dynamic properties of pinned domain walls with a head-to-tail magnetic structure. We focus on magnetic domain walls that are pinned by 90^∘ rotations of uniaxial
more » ... gnetic anisotropy. Our model captures the domain wall response to a spin-transfer torque that is exerted by an electric current. Model predictions of the domain wall resonance frequency and its evolution with magnetic anisotropy strength and external magnetic field are compared to micromagnetic simulations.
doi:10.1103/physrevb.98.064417 fatcat:htvx2dea4fh7xhpfcccggfsyda