Electrophoresis of Polyelectrolytes

Norio Ise, Masao Hosono, Ichiro Sakurada
1958 Kobunshi Kagaku  
Electrophoretic behaviors of poly (vinyl alcohol) partially acetalized with glyoxylic acid were studied. The mobility was found to be almost independent of the degree of polymerisation and to increase with the carboxyl group content. The mobility decreased steadilty with the polymer concentration for samples of low charge density, while it went through a minimum for those of higher charge density. The mobility, moreover, decreased in the sequence of increasing ionic strength under our
more » ... under our experimental conditions. Comparing the number of charges of this polyacid in buffer solutions by means of Debye-Henry's theory from the mobility and the value conductometrically determined, it's applicability was confirmed to quantitatively describe the electrophoretic behavior.
doi:10.1295/koron1944.15.339 fatcat:kjorejzemzbang4dvdzfvnpjdm