Liviu Holonec, Marcel Dirja, Alina M. Truta (Valcan), Oana Viman
2017 Agricultura  
Irrigation water quality is the most critical factor in tree nursery management. The present paper has as object of study modern technologies of irrigation of spruce cultures (Picea abies) from the solariums. The aim of the paper was determining the height of irrigated seedlings with plain water compared with those irrigated with energized water and implicitly, any differences regarding their vigor of growth. After statistical data processing, it was found that irrigated seedlings with
more » ... lings with energized water have superior values for main measured parameters. After a vegetation season, the height mean of irrigated seedlings with energized water is of 14,48 cm in a year, while irrigated seedlings with plain water registered an mean height value of 9,6 cm. Following these measurements, it is recommended to irrigate spruce cultures with energized water because the values obtained through this method are clearly superior to the one in which plain water is used. By using this method of irrigation, it is possible to obtain seedlings with larger dimensions and, implicitly, a much better result of repication and of their subsequent development. Another advantage would be the fact that these seedlings irrigated with energized water have a superior state of health compared to the others, due to lack of harmful substances (carbon dioxide, nitrites, residual chlorine) from the water used for irrigation.
doi:10.15835/agrisp.v103i3-4.12863 doaj:38857a400bdc424a81d9fe899ea17d69 fatcat:psxqm7iuzzg2pekx7rb4k6eove