A structuralist view of the self, parenthood and life pathways, involving transgenerational impact of early experience [thesis]

Patricia Ross
stage of the research, and chairman of the dissertation stage, respectively; and Dr. Castellano Turner, who served as academic advisor. These official titles do not begin to account for the extraordinary, above-and-beyondthe-call-of-duty contributions each made, contributions of such diversity and ongoingness that they could not be spelled out. The extent to which Harold Raush contributed to my professional interest as a researcher and the extent to which his research thought undergirds my
more » ... rch directions is spelled out in the Introduction. Very much of Alvin Winder's equally remarkable contribution undergirds the two chapters concerned with my clinical work with young children, mother-child pairs and three generational families for which he served as primary clinical supervisor. Alvin Winder's remarkable capacity for patient, and creative listening to what must often have seemed markedly far-fetched ideas, made a very great contribution toward ray being able to do anything whatsoever with any of the thoughts that arose during that clinical work. I came to recognize that this sort of provision for thought -interchange -that is, interchange solely at the level of exchange of ideas per se , of no inherent visible "usefulness" -had a marked effect on my capability to think about ideas that spontaneously arose in my head. Eventually, after he had done this across the course of his official "job" as team supervisor and learned the extent to which, this activity was :ions capable of generating meaningful research-thoughts and conceptualizat: for me ? he agreed voluntarily to continue to serve this exceptional kind of teaching role by permitting me to extend these extensive clinical commitments, within which it had begun to become possible for me to acquire such rare abundance of three generational clinical and naturalistic lifeobservations, for research purposes, across an entire additional year of 20 hour-a-week clinical research. The adolescent motherhood pilot study was only possible because both Alvin Winder and Harold Raush were willing to make generous-spirited voluntary supervisory-time contributions. Among the many others who contributed encouragement, support, all manner of assistance and/or thoughtful discussion of ideas, contributions of resource ideas and of case histories, and answers to questions, for all of which I am profoundly grateful, are Dr.
doi:10.7275/g9sn-wy52 fatcat:eo4age55sredtn66cx37av4zai