Review of: "VEGFR1 signaling in retinal angiogenesis and microinflammation" [peer_review]

Matthew Nugent
2021 unpublished
Uemura et al., have done a service to the field by providing a detailed and comprehensive review of the role of VEGF receptor 1 (VEGFR1) in retinal angiogenesis and microinflammation. The role of VEGFR1 is often simplified to that of a decoy receptor that sequesters VEGF-A and prevents it from activating its signaling receptor, VEGFR2. While this is certainly an important aspect of the function of VEGFR1 within the VEGF system, it is only a very small part of a much larger story. Complexity!
more » ... eed, the sophistication and complexity of the VEGF system can be admittedly maddening and frustrating, leaving one to simply throw one's hands up in surrender. But, the authors of this review did not surrender, but instead they rolled up their sleeves and dug into the details. In so doing they have provided a wonderful survey of what is known and, importantly, what is left to be discovered. Toward this end, the authors are also careful to qualify their conclusions regarding how they believe the system works.
doi:10.32388/kpubnk fatcat:imhyd2zorrcsvoa35muyws5d6e