Bericht über die September-Sitzung

Schalow, Cabanis
1879 Journal of Ornithology = Journal fur Ornithologie  
Compendium der neu beschriebenen Arten und Gattungen. 437 Hab.: Solomon Islands. RTzlpidura vervina. R a m s a y, Proc. Linn. Soc. New South Wales. IIL 1879. p. 340. All the upper surface dull earthy brown; the frontal feathers tinged with ashy brown at the base, the lores, sides of the head, and ear-coverts of a slightly darker tint of brown than that of the head, a line of buff over the eye; throat whitish; chest, and all the under surface, and the under wing-coverts light fawn color, a
more » ... fawn color, a little paler on the under tail-coverts; wings blackish brown, the secondaries narrowly margined on the outer web with buff, the scapularies rather broadly margined with white and buff'; the coverts of the secondaries and scapularies distinctly tipped with buff; tail, blackish brown, lighter on the inner webs, the shafts of all, except the centre two feathers, white on both sides; the outer feathers, on either side, margined on both webs, and largely tipped with huffy white, all the rest, except the centre two, margined on the inner webs with the same tint; bill black; feet and legs blackish brown; bristles black, extending to beyond the bill. Tot. lgth. 6 inch. ;' wing. 3 inch. ; tail 3,65; tars. 0,8. Hab.: Lord Howes Islands.
doi:10.1007/bf02012312 fatcat:7nzohtj3snd4bicjtdh4yw24na