Cephalosporium Sp., an organism associated with a canker of western hemlock

Walter Bruce Glenn Denyer
A canker on the main stem of oppressed western hemlock (Tsuga hetero hylla (Rafn.) Sarg.), 1 to 3 inches in diameter at breast height, was found at Powell River and Tumour Island, British Columbia. The canker is irregularly elliptical, with a conspicuous resin exudation in the early stages. The canker appears to be annual. A species of Cephalosporium (Fungi Imperfecti, Moniliales) was consistently isolated from cankers collected at Powell River. The pathogenicity of the organism has not been
more » ... ism has not been proven to date. The growth and hyphal characters of the organism, and the temperature-growth relations of the organism in culture are described. The conidial apparatus of the organism was investigated. Attempts to produce the perfect stage in culture were unsuccessful.
doi:10.14288/1.0106594 fatcat:nqstrqikuvcghcfvu3wf7ur4ni