Analisis Produksi, Distribusi Pendapatan Petani dan Dampak Program Optimalisasi Lahan Terhadap Produksi Padi Sawah di Kabupaten Muaro Jambi

Junaidi Junaidi, Zamzami Zamzami, Erni Achmad
2014 Jurnal Perspektif Pembiayaan dan Pembangunan Daerah  
The purposes of this study are ; ( 1 ) How does the social and economic characteristics of rice farmers in Jambi Muaro ; ( 2 ) What factors are affecting rice production in Muaro Jambi; ( 3 ) How is the impact of the land optimization program toward the increase of rice production in Muaro Jambi and ( 4 ) How is the income distribution of rice farmers in Muaro Jambi. The methodology of research used in this study is survey method using primary data and secondary data . Analysis tools used in
more » ... is tools used in this study are qualitative description and quantitative description using Cobb Douglas Production-Function Model , and the Gini Index Ratio . The findings in this study are ; ( 1 ) The Average production per hectare of rice farmers in the study area during the growing season was below the average production of Muaro Jambi district . ( 2 ) Over-All Test ( F Test ) showed that the land variable, orea fertilizer , seeds, labor capital , farming experience and education level have influenced the rice production . While based on the partial test, it was showed that only the land area variable ( X1 ) and orea fertilizer ( x2 ) which significantly influence rice production while the amount of seed variable ( X3 ) , labor ( X4 ) , capital ( X5 ) , experience ( D1 ) , and formal education ( D2 ) had no significant effect on rice production in the research area ' ( 3 ) The land optimization has increased the income of the farmers' compared to pre-optimization condition, but the gini index ratio is higher as a result of the maximization of income to farmers who have more land which is proven by The Gini Index Ratio: 0.30 in pre-optimization and after optimization of land it raises to 0:32 ; ( 4 ) The Land-Optimization Program which has implemented by the Government Muaro Jambi has positive impact both on increasing rice production and the income of farmers. Key words : Optimization of Land , Production Optimization , Gini Ratio
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