1890 Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA)  
an opening was made into it. The patient quickly put on flesh, and soon only slight traces of pus were to be found in the urine. Eater, some bag¬ ging of pus taking place in the most dependant part of the sac, the patient was placed under an anaesthetic, with a view of making a counteropening into the vagina. The sound, however, in the bladder passed over to the right side of the pelvis, making it appear that it would be neces¬ sary to cut through this viscus in getting to the abscess. The
more » ... e abscess. The attempt was consequently given up. The woman rapidly becoming worse through the pyrexia and rigors, it was determined, at all costs, to get an opening into the vagina. This was fortunately effected without wounding the bladder, and from that date the patient made an
doi:10.1001/jama.1890.02410330035011 fatcat:nhtretks7vdbdmh3rbhwjs65me